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DZ COM Technologies (DCT) [Business Number: 001844846-H] was established by a group of enthusiastic ex-colleagues from B.Eng (Computer) that inspired to setup own company based on various IT and hardware skills, knowledge and experiences.

Starting as an entrepreneur providing services on computer hardware and maintenance to neighbourhood area a couple of years back, DCT now evolved to support various type of business and companies.

We offer various kind of services and solutions for your daily life need:

i. PC Solution – This include Software problem: Such as virus infection, recovery data, formatting PC, purchasing any specific software, and others that is related and Hardware problem: Such as graphic card not functioning, CPU fan broken, modem malfunction and others. We also offer service to detect the problem and advised the customer to purchased the related hardware before making any purchased without their known.

ii. Network Solution – If you find difficulties setup network at your home or small office, you can always ring us for help. This service include setup CCTV in an area and also setup a modem or internet at your house. Of course this is more cheaper than the internet service provided by the ISP.

iii. E-Business Solution – We have the cheaper and affordable solution for personal, small or medium company to start their first website with as a website is now a benchmark for any growing business for their content, maturity, and image as well. Along with the website like domain purchased and cheaper hosting, we have a team delegate for website design and graphic design for your convenience.

iv. Training and Consultation – We provide training using our extensive own module for the following course:

– Computer Repair and Troubleshooting Hardware
– Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) Crash Course (Basic-Intermediate Level)
– C and C++ Programming (Basic- Intermediate Level)
– Python Training (Basic Level)
– Open Source Web Application (WordPress or/and Joomla) (Basic-Intermediate Level)
– Basic Security/Hacking Training (Basic Level)
– Penetration Testing (Web Apps and/or Server) (Intermediate Level)

Do request our module and compare it with your needs and also request for free quotation.

Currently, the clients of DCT include, but not limited to:

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HANZ Elite Point Sdn Bhd

ArenaMaya Networks

ArenaMaya Networks


WatieShahProperty and


CypherFS Network.