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Our Projects and Collaboration

Attendance Biometric System for Government
This Attendance Biometric System has been used in a few government agencies such as Kementerian Air, Tanah dan Sumber Asli, Intan Bukit Kiara, Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Kementerian Pelancongan.
Telecommunication Tower Mapping and Radiation Certification

We have developed for managing Radiation certification system by the state authority together with Malaysian Nuclear Agency. This system provided extensive dashboard integrated with Google Map API, current status and as well QR code link.

Event and Seminar Equipment Rental

We have provided event and seminar equipment rental for many government agencies, GLC, MNC and as well individuals. Our sub-site for this is

Laptop Rental and Leasing for Companies and Government

We are supporting most election in Malaysia by providing our laptop rental service. Even more we have clients from individuals and companies such as training centers, event places, and event managers. We also support tremendous companies during this movement control order (MCO) in Malaysia such as Civil Aviation Authority, Halal Development Center, Private Hospitals, well-known e-commerce marketplace companies and others for work from home.

QR Code Attendance System for Conference and Seminar
Started with an international conference of oil and gas, our QRcode Based system grows maturity. Client can also book for rental the backend system, mobile apps, and the Wireless QRcode device itself for their event.
QR-based Covid-19 Contact Tracing and Marketing System
Together with a few NGOs, and private sector (SME), we have made developed a system for Covid-19 Contact Tracing with marketing capability.
International Conference Website and Paper Submission
Handling a conference website is not the same as handling normal website as it need necessary involvement and engagement for paper submission, payment, official letters and collaboration of all marketing and technical arrangement between all parties. Especially it is an international conferences. No worry we have done that and well experience on it.
IT Training and Certification

 We have done a few courses for our clients and we offer to do more as per below:
2. Python for IoT
3. Laptop and Printer Maintenance and Repairing
4. R and Python for Big Data Analysis
5. Website Development using WordPress
6. Shop Development using Opencart
7. Journal System Development and Management
8. Raspberry Pi and Arduino for IoT
9. Mobile Apps using Flutter
10. Ads and Analythic Marketing


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